(not quite a) Year in Japan

So, after a couple of days in a hotel for a ‘holiday’ (as if the whole year wasn’t enough of a holiday), I’ve now (just – no photos yet!) moved into my accommodation for the first month here in Fukuoka (福岡).

After going to the local municipal office to get my residence card updated – an experience done completely in my rubbish Japanese, so mad props to the 福岡市東区役所 staff (because I’m sure they’re reading this blog)…aaanyway, after doing that, it does feel like I’ve “moved-in”, which is nice.

Fukuoka itself, from what I’ve seen so far (which is very little) seems like a city that’s way too trendy for me, but in a nice way…I can pretend to be cool…right? Like I say, I’ve only spent a couple of days walking around, so more throughout the month on thoughts about the city.

And for those that want to know more about where in Japan I actually am, I’ll try and embed a map (that you can pan + zoom) in any particularly location pertinent posts, as this is the first post I guess I should give it a go:

#1 – Fukuoka City

Oh hey that looks like it worked…neat.

Also, I feel like I’ve not really taken any photos yet, I’ve taken a few which I’ll just chuck into this post, though I’m holding some back for a later post when I have more related photos (mouse over for my hillllllllllllarious captions):

Anyway, until next time.


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