(not quite a) Year in Japan

Yo, needed somewhere to post food-related pics and thought I’d give it a separate post – as I do enjoy eating I suspect there will be many of these and they’ll all have like 3 photos in. Enjoy!

1. Can of Coffee


But not just any can of coffee, a piping hot can of coffee from a vending machine. WOW!!

Ok, maybe not “wow”, but when your hands are cold because it’s still like 6°C in the shade and you’re waiting for a bus, the ¥120 for a hot can of (incredibly sweet, but delicious) coffee is totally worth it.

2. Train/bus station lunch


Nothing particularly interesting, just took a quick pic whilst waiting for the bus. They have train station bento, aka “Ekiben” (駅弁) sellers in the main stations usually, but you also get these smaller stands that do just about anything you could possibly want for lunch on-the-go in Japan.

You can see things in the photo, including the massive rectangular onigiri (rice ball wrapped in dried seaweed) at the top which look like they’d feed a small family. Not pictured, the sweets section, which is turning rather pink due it being “Sakura season”.

3. Ice-cream sandwich


No additional info, just an ice-cream sandwich with a card-board like exterior. Yum!

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