(not quite a) Year in Japan

Was my reaction upon taking the bus out to the Fukuoka tower area this morning.

Wanted to do a bit of proper sightseeing, not just wandering around a city, so got the train to Hakata (博多) station

Not pictured: Hakata station (I’m actually standing in it in the photo – oops!)
Just watch out for the roving television crews, lest you appear on the local news/some rubbish infomercial

and from there got the bus out to Momochihama (百道浜).

Literally as soon as you get off the bus, you’ve got this lovely sight waiting for you:

234m high!

But not just that, me being a huge nerd, I really appreciated this little device that was for taking pictures of the tower at a good angle


You just rest your phone on one side, and look through the other side (presumably just reflected with a mirror/prism) to see what the phone’s screen is displaying.


Going up in the tower to the observation deck (123m), the view was pretty spectacular, particularly looking out the neighbouring islands (that I intend to visit sometime this month), across the beach (omg a beach!) and across the city.

Interesting (well, maybe) fact – because Fukuoka Airport is really nestled into the city, there’s a restriction on the building heights in the surrounding area as such, most of downtown Fukuoka is lacking the super-huge towers you’ll see in Tokyo etc., however Fukuoka Tower is far enough away from the airport that tall skyscrapers are totally fine. Neat huh.

Anyway, here’s some photos from the observation deck


Even cooler than the tower itself (because a tall building probably isn’t that cool, I mean it’s not like it’s the 1930s), is the surrounding beach, it’s really really nice, and because it’s March, and it’s still like 13°C it was super quiet – which is doubly-awesome in my book


So yeah, a nice chill morning, and it was lovely to see a different side to Fukuoka – as the last few days have been mostly in the city centre getting stuff done – though I’ll try and take some better pics and throw a post together about that at some point.

Oh, even though I’m still in Fukuoka, I figured I’d try updating the map – though I realise now that updating the map will affect all the past posts (all 1 of them!), so yeah, that’s a thing. Oh well

#2 – Fukuoka Tower:

Wow! At this rate, I might make it out of Kyushu(九州) by the end of the year!




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