(not quite a) Year in Japan

I forgot that it was an “intensive” Japanese course

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Wow. So. Damn. Tired.

Well, not quite that bad, but yeah this intensive school thing is pretty intense (who knew!?).

That said, walking back home from the train station at ~8pm tonight, and seeing the High School Baseball club STILL practicing did kind of put things in perspective, man those kids are dedicated.

So yeah, sorry about the lack of photos on this post – I’ll try and take some time to take some snaps of where i’m living over the next few days, and I also have a couple of other ideas for posts that I’ll try and do this weekend.

In the meantime, I hope this photo of me shopping for costume parts at a 100-yen shop (I know right, just how tired can you be if you have time to do this random shit) is sufficient to tide you ever, oh, and also the infamous gag-toy – inflatable breasts (single use only lol).


(btw, for those that are curious: the inflatable boobs box reads:



Bomba (why though?)

The wonder balloons that inflate in a flash.


(and then the top right bit on the dude’s head)

Be the center of attention at the party!

Sorry for that post.

Hopefully some interesting content soon. (yeah right)



Oh yeah, just though I’d mention, wordpress gives you lots of neat stats when you host on their platform – so I can tell that Peter is a key influencer, because after I told him about the blog, readership went THROUGH. THE. ROOF:


wow, look out internet!

(there. if I can’t be sarcastic in Japanese – at least I can be sarcastic here)

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