(not quite a) Year in Japan

Anime garbage and other random photos

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Pop Team Epic (or as it’s known in Japan ポプテピピック “Poputepipikku”) pop-up shop in Tenjin (天神)

Looks like Donald Trump is just as popular/infamous over here as he is everywhere else, appearing in the really weird Manga series that pits world leaders against each other in Mahjong.


In Japan it seems that the stakes are a lot higher when walking down random aisles in a book shop

Don’t look too closely at the photo – you might go blind
So I added this photo like a month after the original post so no-one has to see it, it was an ‘Animate’ store in Kumamoto that had a wildly disproportionate amount of Hetalia goods (seriously there was even more not in the photo). I have no idea why.

Apparently on a particular subway line in 福岡 the floor pattern either ‘is’ or is suspiciously close to QR codes (unfortunately I managed to focus on my shoes, so I can’t tell if it’s an actual QR code)



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