(not quite a) Year in Japan

Fun things to do in a small town pt1

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Don’t worry, I’m not dead!

Not dead.

As mentioned before, have been busy with school and whatnot – I guess going out drinking with folks from the school counts as ‘whatnot’?

First week of school is done and dusted (1 out of 4), and so far it’s awfully fun – the lessons are literally, me, the teacher and 1 other student, so there’s lots of chances to have discussions and to practice bits that we find particularly hard. That combined with where I’m staying – which is very much a homestay-like atmosphere, means that I’m spending many hours a day listening to and (trying to) speak Japanese. Hooray!

Anyway, on that topic (sort of), the place where I live is like 30 mins on the bus from Fukuoka city centre, so whilst not countryside (田舎 ‘inaka’), it has it’s own little quirks. Part of those quirks is the person who runs the accommodation – about which I’ll almost certainly do a post about later on – he’s such a lovely guy, but in particular, today I want to talk about an event that was held Saturday morning.

A new road was opened.


A new road.

Ok, so I’m being a little unfair, but it does sound pretty lame when I write it down. Basically, I came home late on Friday after a party, maybe somewhat drunk, and I was asked if I wanted to get up bright and early to go to the opening ceremony for a new road and get a chance to walk on it (obviously before cars and whatnot are allowed on it). Of course, I was like “Fuck yeah I want to do that”, well more like “もちろん” or “of course”.

Saturday morning, we head out, and are greeted with this spectacle:

new road!
Reads: “Celebration” “Nation Highway #3 Hakata Bypass Opening”


and like 1000+ people.

the walk begins!
Gorgeous weather, gorgeous scenery – no wonder there was so many people.

So I’ve been a bit disingenuous, it turns out this is a pretty major bypass for the area, so given the opportunity, I think most people would enjoy walking (part of) the road, especially on a day with such lovely weather, and such ridiculously lovely scenery. It was actually really fun – we sort of skipped the ceremony because it didn’t look particularly interesting, but walking along the new stretch of road with loads of people was great.

Talking to the dude I was with, it turns out this is actually not as weird as I assumed it was – when they open these large roads, they often have an opening ceremony of sorts, and it quite often includes walking a portion of the road.

So there you go, something about Japan you hopefully didn’t know before (I sure as hell didn’t).



2 Replies to “Fun things to do in a small town pt1”

  1. How randomly interesting! At first glance the road looks surprisingly colourful (red, blue, green) but on closer inspection I guess its just blue on the actual road. Fab photos 🙂

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