(not quite a) Year in Japan

Wanderings around 香椎 (Kashii)

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The small town where I live right now (香椎) has (I guess like loads of Japanese towns), a series of long straight easy to follow roads – around here they tend to follow waterways – and then a residential area which usually consists of a maze-like structure designed to baffle even Hercules/Heracles himself.

So this morning i decided to go for a walk with 2/3 destinations (though due to being a bit tired from yesterdays St. Patrick’s Day drinking it ended up being 2), and take photos along the way, though not being too bothered if I got lost. Oh and disclaimer – the first 5 photos were from yesterday when it was noticeably sunnier.


Destination 1 – 香椎宮 (Kashii-gu Shrine)

Destination 2 – 香椎浜北公園 (Kashiihama North Park)


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