(not quite a) Year in Japan

Yay, turning 30 is fun, yaay.

Seriously though, it was quite fun to be turning 30 and not feel like “Oh god I’m 30, how did this happen” – largely due to me just generally not giving a shit, but partly due to the fact that I’M (at least for now) LIVING IN JAPAN πŸ˜€

A little about what the Japanese think about turning 30: it’s exactly the same as everywhere else in the world. Seriously, talking to a few of my teachers at my school, and they’re just like, “well in Japan, it’s a time when you really settle down and find a partner because you’re truly an adult now”, great. Though if anyone’s curious, the ‘special’ word for one’s thirties in Japanese is “misoji” (三十路) .

Anyway, in stereotypical being the luckiest person in the world (touch wood), whilst not really mentioning my birthday to folks around here, word got out, and people were eager to celebrate (even if I was my usual ‘meh’ self). The folks I’m staying with made a special dinner of sukiyaki (すき焼き)

just google it, it’s freaking delicious

followed by desert of sakura mochi (which was so good, I didn’t take a photo); the dude who’s also staying in the same accommodation got me a present of some really cool stationery; I happened to mention that my favourite drink was “Bulleit Bourbon” to some folks at a dinner party, and they somehow managed to find a bottle in Japan and bought me a bottle (seriously wtf, how cool is that) and finally the teachers at the school surprised me with a birthday cake – of which there are photos & video of me embarrassed, blowing out some birthday candles (which will never be uploaded to the internet!)


Whilst a few beers were had after class, (yes I went to class on my birthday), it was just a couple, as it was (literally) a school night.

Oh yeah, and I also got something fun from my mum (hi mum!):

(apologies for the weird thumbnail – and for recording it in portrait!)


Me: Alexa, what’s the weather like tomorrow.

Alexa: Tomorrow, Matsukadai will probably be sunny, with occasional clouds. Expected maximum temperature is 19Β°C, expected minimum temperature is 9Β°C.

Apologies for taking a week to post this, will crack on with some more posts tonight/tomorrow.


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