(not quite a) Year in Japan


School trip to Yanagawa was planned for Wednesday 21st March, and as good fortune would have it, that day (well most of that week) was forecast for heavy rain (大雨). The forecast came to pass, and we all got pretty wet, but it was a pretty fun day, now i’ll bore you with some photos 😀

Equipped the necessary footwear for the day before we got off the train – more goodies courtesy of the 100-yen shop.

snazzy, eh?

Got off the train, and straight away we got to see some of the famous Yanagawa Hina dolls (just google hina matsuri for more, I can’t be arsed to explain here)


after the station it was on to the boat tour of the canals of Yanagawa – bear in mind heavy rain was (correctly) forecast…

The boat tour was actually really fun despite the rain, in no small part due to tour guide/boat person (seriously what the hell – captain? boatman? pilot?), who regaled us with information about the blooming flowers we saw, as well as local history and landmarks we passed, oh and also an occasional verse or two of song (more on that later).

Thoroughly soaked and cold, it was time for some food, and what do you eat when in Yanagawa? That’s right – Eel.



On a (related) note, this was the first proper Japanese-style restaurant I’ve ever been to – with all the stereotypical taking shoes off, tatami room and all that jazz; and let me tell you – eating while kneeling down is not in the slightest bit comfortable after the first 5 minutes or so. That said, the food was pretty good.

So, on to some museum sightseeing – I’ll just chuck them all together, but we have a) more yanagawa dolls b) the birthplace of famous poet Kitahara Hakushū (北原 白秋) and c)a japanese garden that annexes another museum we went to but photos weren’t allowed.

and to round it off, a couple of videos.

First one is the aforementioned…boat people (gondoliers? seriously come on English language), singing away some way down the canals

and finally, I moaned about the weather (even on Facebook!), but really, the awful weather was quite enjoyable, especially for nice moments like these (apologise for the portrait video and the weird thumbnail)

edit: shit! I forgot to post an updated map – also I’ll post a focused portion of the map (like below) from now on, but you can still zoom/pan etc.

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