(not quite a) Year in Japan

Yet more sightseeing, but oh boy this one was fun.

So, as some of you might know already, Japan is comprised of loads of little islands, but primarily of 4 main islands: Honshu (本州), Kyushu (九州) – where I currently live, Shikoku (四国) and Hokkaido (北海道).

Generally to get between these islands, a train and car bridge is sufficient, but there are other ways…

So on Saturday I got up “early”

Pictured: Early

and got a train to Kokura (小倉) (about an hour away), and then another train to Mojiko (門司港)

and then a bus.

Phew. After all that, I finally arrived at…


A boring looking building. Well the above photo is a bit disingenuous – I actually arrived at

Pictured: Good weather

and the building is just the other side of the road off to the right.

But, the building is by no means boring – it’s the entrance to a pedestrian tunnel between the Kyushu and Honshu islands 😀

So, first off there’s a gnarly looking elevator to take down to the tunnel, which is about 60 metres underground

From there, you’re greeted by a little information area where you can read about the tunnel (which recently celebrated it’s 60th anniversary btw)


And then head into the tunnel

The kanji on the floor reads (Shimonoseki) which is the name of the city on the other side of the tunnel. The tunnel itself is decorated with ‘sea’ colours and the occasional painting of ocean life – i guess we are under the sea after all

The total distance of the tunnel is only about 800m and takes about 15mins to walk, though there is a marker (presumably at the center) indicating the prefectural boundary between Fukuoka (福岡) and Yamaguchi (山口)

apologies for the rubbish photo – there was a queue of folks behind me

And on the other side, there’s another elevator that takes you up to the Yamaguchi prefecture / Honshu side.


Neat huh!

So yeah there’s also a pretty cool looking bridge

And the whole area is pretty much just gorgeous, I’ll add a bunch more photos later – am using my phone at the moment and the Instagram app is somewhat limited in functionality / usability.

edit: as promised, here’s some more photos (I also snuck a new one up above too!), I’ll just chuck them in one gallery thingy

and I totally forgot, but after coming back through the tunnel, I missed my train by like a minute, so I just wandered around Mojiko for about 20 mins, and it was pretty much just a standard seaside town, except a weird fascination for ‘old’ european style houses, reading about it a little, apparently for the last 20-30 years they’ve been recreating the style of the early 20th century…which is super weird



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