(not quite a) Year in Japan

Made even more relaxing because I wasn’t driving!

First of all all the credit to 松田さん – Matsuda-san – for driving me around loads of cool places, ‘just because’, so thank you!!!

We covered a decent amount of ground on Sunday, so here we go! (warning – loads of full size photos here – so apologies if the page takes a few years to load)

First of all, off to see the giant Buddha at Nanzōin (南蔵院) temple. It houses the biggest bronze reclining Buddha in the world, and possible the biggest bronze statue in the world at 41 meters in length, 11 meters in height.

Seriously big – so much so that it’s hard to convey through a photo
Weird hand for scale

But there’s s so much more at Nanzōin – loads of little shrines and whatnot (of which I could’ve sworn I took more photos)


it’s also one of the stops of a mini pilgrimage around the Fukuoka area (kind of like a mini-version of the famous Shikoku (四国) pilgrimage).

Right off home…but first a quick 寄り道 (“yorimichi” – diversion) to look for some sakura. And we found some…though it was a little early – in fact I’m typing this on the following Wednesday, and after 3 really hot days the sakura is finally at full bloom (so maybe some photos of that in a later post).


oh, and also some pretty waterfalls at another pilgrimage spot


Next stop 香椎宮 shrine for some more sakura hunting


not quite yet


So after that we popped-in to drop something off at a friend of 松田さん’s, and ended up staying there chatting for like 3 hours, which was pretty exhausting. So time to go home…well not quite yet, it was still bright so 松田さん suggested a drive out to Shika island (志賀島) – which isn’t an island

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 20.43.00
pictured: island-ish thing (peninsula?)

Anyway, we drove out to a beach on Shika island and took some photos along the coast – unfortunately it wasn’t quite clear enough to get a shot of the neighbouring islands/mainland, but it was still damn pretty, moreover, the drive to get there was gorgeous too, but didn’t get any decent due to driving and all


We then continued to drive around the entire island, and went back up the peninsula.

Absolutely つ・か・れ・た (tired), super fun day, and once again – thank you so much 松田さん, there’s no way I would’ve managed to cram all this into one day relying on buses and trains!

and now for today’s map (I’ve added a point for Nanzōin and Shika Island as they were the more further afield points, the rest is virtually on my doorstep)

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