(not quite a) Year in Japan

So I’ve been really rubbish with taking pics of my food (I’m not sorry at all), so here’s some (mostly) taken today. Also, in a later post I’ll be nicking some photos from Facebook of the dude that runs the accommodation I’m currently staying at – as he takes pictures of pretty much everything he cooks, but for now, enjoy!?

1. Umegai-mochi (梅ヶ枝餅)

Turns out freshly cooked mochi is actually really good, and hasn’t got the consistency of play-dough.

Freshly cooked specialty food from Dazaifu (太宰府) – where I was sightseeing today. Turns out that despite having plum (梅) in the name, there isn’t any plum in the food 😦

Though, moreso than the (admittedly delicious) mochi, the shop is a lot more interesting


2. Vanilla ice cream (バニラアイス)

Ok, don’t start throwing rocks at me – it’s not even remotely interesting. But, when I was almost finished the ice cream, I made an awful discovery toward the bottom of the cone


The bottom was filled with cornflakes!!! I was scammed out of someone ice-cream!!!

Ok, fake outrage aside, it just made me chuckle.

3. Typical breakfast

So the place I’m staying at is a ‘Guest House’ – 下宿, but it most closely resembles a B&B with long-term guests. As such, every morning and evening, meals are provided, so for those curious what my typical breakfast is…

Clockwise from top-left: chicken nuggets & ketchup, yoghurt, scrambled eggs + bacon, meat + potato stew – ‘nikujaga’ (肉じゃが) Plus: rice, miso soup (not pictured), green tea, barley tea and coffee

Yeah, so when you see photos of me in the next few weeks and think “David sure has gotten fat” – this is why. The miso soup, rice, tea etc. are all constants, the others change all the time, e.g. this morning it was some veggies, some leftover stir fried beef and…something else.

Bonus. Horse Oil

So….not actually a food you’ll be relieved to hear, just a random find from my browsing for stuff to take sakura viewing tomorrow.


It was with the other face creams and bits, so I guess it’s that? (as opposed something that you use to keep your horse running smoothly). Anyone, if you’re interested, I guess you could just google it, or if I’m super bored at some point I’ll buy some and review it (it’s only like ¥100 anyway).

Apologies for the meh (or should that be neiiigh) post, today was sightseeing around 太宰府 and tomorrow is 花見, so should have a couple of posts from that. Also, been having a lot of long chats (which I mostly understood – yay!) with folks about the Japanese work and social culture and other interesting parts of the Japanese day to day life – so there’s definitely a few posts coming up (soon?) about that.

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