(not quite a) Year in Japan

Wow, it’s been like over a week since the last post – sorry!!! Been rather busy studying and being sociable (i.e. drinking).

So last last Sunday (1st April), the school (loosely) organised a cherry blossom viewing outing, referred to as “Hanami” – 花見.


A brief word on the kanji for Hanami, 花 means flower, and 見 means see/view/look at, so literally Hanami means ‘flower viewing’, but it’s only actually used for cherry blossom viewing.

As you might be aware the Japanese are really fricking obsessed with cherry blossoms – sakura. At this time of year, everyone (including the news) is talking about how close the sakura is to full bloom, and almost every shop has some sort of sakura-themed something or other. It really is a testament to the Japanese ‘do one thing and do it really well’ spirit – that and people spending hours in the park with a tripod setup to catch a perfect photo of the sakura contrasting with the sunset etc.

So, looking at flowers, sounds pretty boring? Hanami is not just looking at pretty flowers though (and sometimes it’s not even looking at flowers). Basically it’s a good excuse to have a picnic with some friends and sit amongst some beautiful scenery, and most importantly drink some sake/beer/whatever.

Regarding the scenery, it’s particularly lovely when the wind picks up and the sakura petals flutter to the ground – the concentration of trees is good in this park that it’s almost like it’s raining sakura – something of which I have no photos/video of because it’s damn near impossible to capture on an iPhone 6 camera (as I found out).

The view from where we were picnic-ing

There’s generally a nice festival like atmosphere, with the music, food stalls, and of course loads of people that you’d expect from that.


So yeah, last last Sunday myself and few students at the school as well as a few teachers all went to have a lovely picnic and enjoy some scenery whilst drinking.

*imagine a picture of me chilling with some folks here after more than a few beers – I wanted to include it, but I’m not sure the others in the photo would appreciate it, sorry!!*

Once it got dark, there were some nicely illuminated areas in the park we were in, which was pretty, but I don’t think it was anywhere near as nice as the daytime – though of course I’m glad I got to experience both


And of course as it got a little chilly, and it being a school night of course we all decided to go home and get a good night’s slee…*ahahahahaha* just kidding –  we went to the pub and kept drinking, and once again I juuuust about got the last train home.

Overall a super fun day with awesome people in a lovely atmosphere.



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