(not quite a) Year in Japan

OMG Japanese TV is just awful.

Ok, that’s definitely a little unfair, much like any country’s TV, there’s a whole lot of crap, it’s just I haven’t managed to find the good stuff yet.

Often the premise of these shows is kind of interesting, but the humour/delivery is either just not quite funny, or they’re so repetitive that any humour that was present to begin with has run out after seeing the same joke for the 20th time.

Ok, an example is probably best – so the below video is a from a show called something like “Don’t sleep through life” – it’s presented as a kids (I think?) show that explores trivial assumed knowledge by asking ‘why’ – something that I’m totally for – by presenting curiosity in a comical manner it’s great to prompt kids to ask ‘why’ in real life. But…

Yeah, god damn that’s annoying, but worse than that – after each question there’s a template “voice-over explains something in vaguely dramatic manner” section – which just makes the show boring as hell.

Other than these kinds of shows I’ve seen:

  • Drama shows
  • Crazy Gameshows
  • Wacky people doing wacky things in foreign countries
  • Period Drama/Comedy shows
  • Photography guy travels Japan taking pictures of trains + local scenery
  • Explaining in painful detail how things like handmade roof tiles or coat-hangers are made

Those last two are sometimes interesting, but too often they lean on the ‘fake drama/conflict’ stuff which is gets really repetitive, really quickly.

So yeah, aside from the occasional genuinely hilarious Crazy Gameshow, e.g.

I don’t think I’ll be watching much Japanese TV from here on out. That said…it is remarkably good Japanese listening practice – especially because they have massive subtitles in pretty much every program, well I say subtitles, they’re more like the highlights of what’s being said – which for me is super helpful.

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