(not quite a) Year in Japan

So, as one of the several places I wanted to ‘daytrip’ to whilst in Fukuoka was Kurume. To be honest I can’t remember why I decided to go there, but I wrote it in my notebook, so there must’ve been a reason?

Anyway, I went on a blisteringly hot day, so my desire to wander around aimlessly was sapped immensely, I ended up going to just one place – Naritasan Temple, and I’m so glad that I chose this place.

So Naritasan is home to a 203ft statue that you can see for absolute miles.


As well as some other buildings with very interesting designs



And you can climb up the inside of the statue!


I say climb, it’s just stairs, 287 of them. Though there are some small windows embedded in the statue that make for a nice view of fukuoka


But after the climb + descent (which I was aware of prior to visiting), there’s a tunnel that runs under the temple, the end of which there’s a museum.


Well there’s a couple of museums – the first of which was tenuously entitled something like “human history”, the other was “heaven + hell”.


The latter, as the name might suggest was gruesome – it was basically a bunch of examples of what punishments lay in wait in hell for those that commit particular sins. And by examples, I mean moving animatronic exhibits (which I just didn’t take any photos of AAAAAHHHHH why!!?!??) of people being tortured/eaten/fighting each other to death. It was really fucking disturbing.

Oh, but don’t worry, after like 10 exhibits like this, there was 1 ‘heaven’ exhibit, that was just a video that ran for like 10 seconds saying that those who live a moral life will be reborn. o_o

So naturally all of that was pretty disturbing, but to top it all off, there was no-one else around. Save for the person at the temple front gate, there was no-one at all whilst I was climbing the statue, walking through the concrete tunnels or viewing the ‘interesting’ exhibits.

The recording in the video was just looping, and it was weirdly spooky.

So basically, Kurume was fun because there was no-one else around and it was suuuper creepy. Yay?

edit: once again, forgot to update the map, so here we go:

One Reply to “Kurume (久留米)”

  1. Whoops, starting here… I forgot to keep updated on your antics for a few months… Sorry! But got lots to read now, yay. See you’re in and out with the updates anyway but they’re always interesting so please continue! Hope all is well at the moment. I’ll catch up now and find out, I guess. This post was cool, kind of love the sound of the hell exhibition and seeing it deserted!! Creepy.

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