(not quite a) Year in Japan

So I should probably be taking more ‘normal’, ‘day-to-day’ photos, but as you probably know – I really don’t take many photos – so unfortunately you’re just left with the weird stuff. edit: Also this post ended up being a bit “well this was disappointing”, sorry about that, I have eaten a lot (a lot) of delicious food, honest!!

1. Blueberry Parfait (ブルーベリーパフェ)

Ok, it’s not interesting at all really, but following on the theme from last time…what’s with the cornflakes?!?!?!

2. Passionfruit cream-bun thing

Aside from the ridiculous colour of the choux pastry exterior (which is why I took a photo in the first place), it really was surprisingly plain – mostly just cream inside, and maybe like 1/8 teaspoon of passionfruit jam.


3. “Hot chilli” flavour crisps

That were not hot AT ALL – think paprika flavour crisps.


4. Coffee Jelly (コーヒゼリー)

I’ve been wanting to try this for a while.


Yup, black coffee jelly, that tastes just like sweetened black coffee – I’m not a huge fan of jelly due to the consistency, but this was really good 🙂

Oh, and you also get a “cream syrup” container with it – what seems to be sweetened cream.


Oh and whilst we’re on the coffee theme…

4. Coffee Jelly Bread

So not quite as weird as it sounds, basically just a sweet bread roll filled with coffee cream and a smidge of coffee jelly


Delicious! Recently it’s made it’s way to a regular spot as part of my breakfast.

Bonus. Ayanami Rei(綾波レイ) & Rem(レム)

I know what you’re thinking, “David, those are clearly names of anime characters, why are you listing them as food?”. Whilst I realise that no-one is actually thinking that, if you did, you’d be correct.

I discovered a nerdy “Otaku (オタク)” bar in Fukuoka, that aside from having a ridiculously huge display of anime/video game memorabilia (as well as seemingly every game console ever made), had a “we’ll make a cocktail based on any anime character” drink. So naturally I ordered 2:

Rem: Blue Curaçao + Disaronno – Sweet as fuck, but delicious
Ayanami Rei: Yoghurt-based liqueur + milk + something else alcoholic that I’ve totally forgotten – extremely good, surprisingly not very ‘heavy’ like most cocktails that contain milk

I really liked this place, the bartender was an awesome dude, and if I go back in the next couple of days (before I leave Fukuoka) I’ll try and get some more photos and do a separate post about the place.

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