(not quite a) Year in Japan

Still in Nagasaki (長崎),  and it’s yet another gorgeous day!

First off ‘Megane'(眼鏡), or ‘Spectacles’ bridge


I’m guessing you’ve worked out why it’s called ‘spectacles’ bridge by now

I was going to rush-off and do something else, but this area was so chill and nice that I grabbed a coffee and just enjoyed the scenery

poor normal bridge, there’s no-one queueing up to have their photo taken in front of you 😦

Next up, Dejima (出島), originally the only area where ships were allowed to come in from around the world. It’s been gradually restored to Edo (江戸) Japan-era and museum-ified over the past 30 or so years and is pretty interesting – mostly to get a feel for what they actually imported/exported, and how it impacted day-to-day life in Japan at the time.


There was an option of renting a yukata…but I didn’t need that experience!

Inside the various buildings there’s either a recreation of a house at the time, that were typically owned by employees of the Dutch East India Company

“I’ll have a tatami room, but only if I can my bed too!” – Some Dutch dude (probably)

The other buildings show off the various imports brought in, and exhibits around how they were used. As well as relics from the time, such as this cannon (a bit random, sorry!)

There’s also a miniature “model Dejima” inside “Dejima”

I didn’t check if the miniature Dejima also contained it’s own even-smaller miniature Dejima.

Unfortunately you can’t walk around it and pretend you’re Godzilla – I asked but they said no.

(I didn’t ask btw)

Right. Next up was Chinatown, of which I took zero photos.

Moving swiftly on (by a whole day in fact), I had about 2-3 places that I was kind of interested in going to in/around Nagasaki City. But I decided to forget that, and just go to the Zoo/Aquarium thingy.

I say “Zoo/Aquarium thingy” because it was just penguins. I knew this before going – it’s why I wanted to go. My mind goes straight to “zoo”, but it was a ペンギン水族館 (Penguin Aquarium), so I guess “aquarium” is correct?




I have like a gillion more photos of penguins, but that’s enough for now.

Oh and since the zoo aquarium was a little outside of Nagasaki City (edit: turns out it’s very much IN Nagasaki City, but I’m too lazy to remove it now), let’s add it to the map.

Tomorrow is mostly a travelling day – I think something like 5-6 hrs door-to-door, so no doubt it’ll be interesting.

Oh and for those keen on hearing more about Nagasaki as a city, how it feels compared to others etc. – you’ll have to wait. I’m planning on doing something of a comparison between Fukuoka (福岡) and Osaka (大坂) in a couple of months time – as they will be the only cities I will have ‘lived-in’ rather than visited at that point. In said comparison I’ll try and bring in aspects of Nagasaki, and other places I’ve visited.

Stay tuned 🙂

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