(not quite a) Year in Japan

So not really a proper update, I’m just killing a bit of time whilst I drink this coffee.

Those of you familiar with Japanese cuisine will be aware of “Curry Rice” (カレーライス) which is (to put it briefly) a Japanese take on a British take of curry – it’s super popular here in Japan, and often served with Katsu pork or chicken and moreover I love it.

So, lesson 2 (I guess) on Japanese cuisine is “Napolitan” (ナポリタン). “Wow that sounds Italian” you might think, and yeah it does, but it is in fact a Japanese creation. Appearance wise it resembles spaghetti bolognese, though it is typically fried onion, fried green pepper, button mushrooms, some meat, and most importantly…ketchup. Yeah, it’s basically a super-sweet bolognese.

So at this point you’re probably wondering what the impromptu Japanese food lesson is about.

Well there’s a Turkish restaurant in Nagasaki that serves a famous dish called トルコライス basically “Turkish Rice”, that combines these 2 bastions of Japanese cuisine into a hellish creation that leaves sanity and good taste at the door.

So yeah, that was lunch

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