(not quite a) Year in Japan

1. Satsuma Fried Surumi  – さつま揚げ – “Satsumage”


Bit of an odd one here. In the region of Satsuma in Kyushu (九州) surumi fish is super popular, and often it’s fried mixed with other ingredients and fried. It’s not bad, but it doesn’t really taste of much, in the picture above we have: sweet potato (left), sweetcorn (middle), cheese (right). Good, but yeah…

2. Anmitsu  – あんみつ


Well technically “Anmitsu Cream” due to the ice cream. Traditional Japanese sweet, consisting of agar jelly cubes served with sweet bean paste (あんこ – “anko”) and fruit + ice cream in this case. Delicious! Also served with a black sugar syrup and piping hot green tea 🙂

The store I had this at was a really famous old sweets store in Akihabara (yes, that one), so I ended up having this for breakfast to avoid the crowds. Unfortunately I totally forgot to take any pictures of the store. doh.

3. Napolitan  – ナポリタン


So I had a mini-rant about Napolitan a few posts back, but I take it all back, it’s damn delicious. I had it with cheese and a poached egg (with extra parmesan + tabasco sauce heaped on later). Plus points for being able to choose the weight of pasta you wanted at no extra cost, also the hilariously named mascot Napoli-tan.

4. Fried chicken  – 唐揚げ – “Karaage”


So fried chicken might not be the first thing that pops to mind when you think of Japanese cuisine, but karaage is just as Japanese as tempura (which is to say they probably got the idea from the Portugese). Very light coating of potato starch or flour, deep-fried and bathed in salt, absolutely gorgeous (which I guess isn’t surprising).

5. “Home-run” curry  – ホームランカレー


Clearly delicious.

And yes, underneath the curry sauce is a whole lot of rice.

Bonus. Manners!

FullSizeRender 3

(and yes, I am currently putting-off writing the big-ass event post)

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