(not quite a) Year in Japan

Beppu (別府) + Matsuyama (松山)

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So…if this post had a subtitle, it would be “I totally fucked up”.

So I flew back from Tokyo (東京) to Oita (大分), and got a bus to Beppu (別府).

A drizzly day in Beppu

Beppu is a town famous for it’s hot springs, but I didn’t really experience any of it because my next accommodation was in Matsuyama (松山) – not super-far, but a ferry and some slow trains away.

Now this is the point where you ask “but David, why did you only budget 1 day for Beppu”, and that would be a fine question, unfortunately, as I may have mentioned, this time of the year (~1st week of May) is “Golden Week” – a string of public holidays where ‘everyone’ travels, as such hotels get a lot more expensive, or in my case non-existent. Basically I left booking accommodation too late, and when I did book it, it was not so much expensive, as straight-up sold out. Oops.

Don’t worry, Matsuyama is also very famous for it’s hot springs, home of Dogo Onsen, said to be the oldest onsen in Japan.

Of course, whilst I was in Matsuyama there was just torrential rain. non-stop.

Oh well. Maybe next time!

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