(not quite a) Year in Japan

Konpirasan (こんぴらさん)

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So continuing on Shikoku (四国), I had a few other destinations that I wanted to check out, but due to Golden Week hotel-rush, I was a little restricted, so ended up really just doing one thing – Konpirasan!

Konpirasan is the name most commonly used when referring to one of the most famous points of the Shikoku pilgrimage, a 1,368 step climb up Mt. Zozu.

To clarify, it’s 1,368 steps to the inner shrine, which is off-limits until next year due to some damage from a landslide last year, I only got a chance to visit the main shrine – only 785 steps.


So it starts off (actually a bit before this) with streets packed with souvenir, food and general pilgrimage-related product vendors


As you climb the stairs these thin-out



and eventually are replaced with some gorgeous scenery (and yet more stairs)


as well as other shrines


It is worth pointing out that this is not even remotely difficult, like there were people taking their dog for walk whilst climbing these steps, and folks off all ages. In fact the only person that looked to be having a tough time was this woman wearing high-heels, I walked past her on the way-up and she was wobbling all over the place, I feel sorry for her ankles.


Once you get to the top you’re treated with the dual beauty of the shrine




and the view


On the way down, I noticed the carving/sculpting in the stone looked pretty cool



Not sure it’s that remarkable, but I found it pretty cool 🙂

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