(not quite a) Year in Japan

On the way to Osaka

So, just a real quick one – on the way to Osaka I got a train over The Great Seto Bridge (瀬戸大橋) – the HUGE bridge that connects the island of Shikoku (四国) back to the main island of Honshu (本州) , I guess I can’t really do it justice from inside the train car but here’s a short vid (oh no it’s vertical, I forgot that…sorry!)

But really the take-home here is: do yourself a favor – google “Great Seto Bridge” and see how cool it is. Go on, it’s ok, I’ll wait.

OMG wasn’t that so cool!

So yeah, got the train from Kotohira (琴平) -> Okayama (岡山) (across the bridge), and then the Shinkansen from Okayama -> Osaka (大阪)

Going to be in Osaka for a while, so expect the posts to get less sightseeing’y from here on out.

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