(not quite a) Year in Japan

So yeah, after the fun that was doing touristy things for a bit, I’ve decided to try and regain some routine in my day-to-day to save me from the madness that is non-stop sightseeing.

Said routine currently consists of eating (always a good choice) and studying.

And by studying I mean


“But David that’s just fucking around with books and games and anime”.


Well sort of. I do intend to return to my proper textbook-based studying right after I’ve cleared this backlog of books (mostly manga)  because I’m sick of lugging these books around everywhere (well not quite everywhere)

pictured: remaining backlog following this week’s reading

In the meantime, it’s still good practice, just not quite suited to the material I need to study for the exam I registered for in July.

As for the games and anime, they’re not studying, it’s just fun to think of it as being tangentially useful.

Anyway, a brief and boring update from Osaka 🙂

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