(not quite a) Year in Japan

Kobe (神戸) day trip pt2 – Nunobiki (布引) Herb Gardens

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Yup, pt2 of the Kobe trip was to a herb garden.

Not as lame as it sounds honestly.

First up, need to get to the herb gardens, and since they’re located some 4-500m up a mountain, and it’s at least 28°C outside… let’s take the ropeway!

I mean come on, just look at those stairs! (apologise for the lighting – it was extremely sunny)


But just before we go up, take a moment to appreciate that this lush mountain-y forest-y area is like a 2 minute walk from the Kobe Shinkansen (bullet train). Anyway…

And off we go!



Oh Dam!


As you can probably guess, I took far too many photos, so instead of spending the entire evening uploading them all, I’ve only included a few!

Anyway, you get to the top, and are greeted with this plaza


and the entire atmosphere is super…chilled? I guess I’d normally describe it as snobby, if you imagine chilled classical music being played, and the smell of fresh flowers and herbs being ever-present you can probably imagine what it’s like. But honestly it was just nice and relaxing on a such a hot day.

Beyond this area there’s a rose garden


of which I took no decent photos apparently, but the smells were just gorgeous.

btw, a brief aside/apology, anyone who gives a damn about flowers and stuff is probably wringing their hands in rage at the moment about how I could not fully appreciate something something, yeah sorry, not really into horticulture (that is the right word, right?)

Anyway, after spending far too long just ambling around the rose garden, I headed to the ‘aroma museum’ just beyond the garden


where you could take a whiff of something like 50 different ingredients used in all sorts of soaps and perfumes etc.

And they also had a small display of ornate perfume bottles (I’m sure there’s a more correct name for that)


Oh, and with it being a herb garden, there’s lots of areas dedicated to specific scents or themes, almost everywhere you go there’s some collection of herbs that have been arranged specifically in that way. pretty neat.


But the main attractions of the herb garden lie somewhat down the hill, and since I can’t be arsed to explain it all, here’s a bunch of photos!


and one last photo on the way down the ropeway (thankfully there was a mid-way station so I didn’t have to walk back up the hill!)


After getting back down to sea-level, I headed towards a shopping/entertainment area called “Harborland”, and en route my phone’s battery died (and I forgot to bring my battery charger thingy), so that made taking a photos somewhat impossible – though to be fair Harborland wasn’t that interesting anyway.

So that was Kobe, or at least 2 very specific parts of it. I ‘might’ head back sometime in the next few weeks if I can think of anything else worth doing, but I think that’ll be all from Kobe, unless I get a sudden desire to climb that mountain in 30°C+ weather.

So that’s a no then.

Also, obligatory initially-forgotten-map

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