(not quite a) Year in Japan


Yeah, the usual “not dead” etc. etc.

Apologies – it seems I totally forgot about this blog for the last couple of weeks (as in forgot I even had it).

So just a brief update – I’ve moved from Osaka to Kyoto.

so yeah, not very far. I was going to move further away, but there’s so much more in this area that I want to see that I decided to stay. Plus being in a large city + near a very large city has it’s advantages.

At any rate you can expect some nice Kyoto-y photographs over the next few weeks; but hopefully a little sooner I’ll catch up on the Osaka posts – there’s a least a couple I’ve got some nice photos for.

Just a note on the current sightseeing etc. there’s a couple of limiting factors at the moment (well aside from not wanting to be sightseeing all the time!):

1) Studying – Like 60% of my time at the moment is studying, more on that in a later post probably, but that’s something that is going to take up a lot of this month (with an exam on 1st July)

2) Weather – Yeah…it’s not even summer yet, and the weather can be pretty brutal. The rainy-season has just kicked off in earnest, so every day is either super humid + torrential rain OR upwards of 30ºC. So not ideal sightseeing conditions!!

Nonetheless there’s loads I want to see in Kyoto – hopefully I’ll wake up early enough tomorrow to beat the crowds at Fushimi Inari Shrine (that one with loads of orange gates).


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