(not quite a) Year in Japan

So after getting bored of studying a couple of weekends ago, I decided to book some Airbnb ‘experiences’, I ended up choosing 2 on the same day:

  • Radio calisthenics + meditation
  • Cat cafe for re-homed/rescue cats

So, after getting up at 4:30am (ugh), and making my way over to Osaka castle, I met up with my guide for morning meditation – Kuniatsu-san. But before that, we joined the throngs of elderly folks gathering in the castle grounds for the morning “radio calisthenics”.

Radio calisthenics, for those that can’t use google, is basically 5 mins of really easy aerobics with the instructions called out over a PA system or a radio, historically I think it was (is?) broadcast like ever morning over radio for all the kids/old folks/people with nothing better to do at 6am.

The turnout was actually really good, there was a least a couple of hundred folks taking part.

Anyway, after that it was time for some meditation through chanting and then breathing exercises. Which, if you know me at all, you’ll know that I was awful at. But it was still pretty chill. Also Kuniatsu-san offered/insisted on taking photos, so I may as well share one of them here.


Anyway, after a strong coffee (I’m sure undoing any relaxation/calm gained through the meditation), it was time to go to the cat cafe.

Very much a non-traditional cat cafe, in as much as normally it’s like a dozen cats (at most) in a living-room like setting, and you basically just sit down and chill and play with cats. Well this was like 30+ cats, and they were all (I think) rescue cats…so they had a little more “character” (read: I got bitten like twice).

So…here’s just loads of pictures of cats I guess

This little shit is called Rei (レイ) and followed me around everywhere whilst I had treats, definite fave!


Funky-ear dude


This little dude was hyper as fuck


Yeah I know you’re there レイ


Funky-ear dude again, going a bit mental


The tiniest thing ever. Spent most of the time asleep in a fellow patron’s pocket.


So yeah, that was how I spent most of that day.

Incidentally, Kuniatsu-san (from the morning meditation stuff), invited me out (along with a few of the tenants at his airbnb house) for some food and drinks that night – at a local (to me) ホルモン or ‘organ meat’ restaurant. Was really good, though when we got there it was all liver (still good though), and after that, we ended up going to a chinese karaoke place until late – which was an absolute blast!

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