(not quite a) Year in Japan

Shimogamo Shrine (下鴨神社)

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After lunch I headed up to a shrine that was recommended by the landlord of the place I’m staying at – apparently it was a pretty shrine nestled in the woods – which sounded brill.

After getting to the nearest train station, I was taken slightly aback by how chill the area around it was, without being total desolate

The turtle-shaped stepping-stones were pretty neat
before you ask, yes of course I walked across the river (I have the mosquito bites to prove it!!)


So anyway, after witnessing a fight between some crows and some eagles (truly a terrifying sight to behold), I headed to the forest-y bits.


hehe trees with skirts

In the forest there’s a number of shrines and whatnot, but when you get to Shimogamo Shrine it’s pretty obvious that it’s the ‘main attraction’. I think it’s supposed to be one of Japan’s oldest shrines at something like 2000 years old. Regardless of that, the exquisite construction and serene location make it worthwhile 🙂


Oh yeah, weird story: as I was leaving the forest I got ambushed by someone conducting interviews for a TV programme about “Kyoto’s world heritage sites, and what foreign tourists think of them”. I did the interview (in a weird mixture of English and Japanese) and signed a disclaimer and all that jazz, so there’s a chance that somewhere there’s a 20-second clip of me on Japanese TV…which is fine I guess.

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