(not quite a) Year in Japan

So, after the bamboo forest there was a nice stroll down (as the walk through the bamboo was mostly uphill) to the river through lovely scenery, not much of anything there – just nice to walk through



Another one of those famous Kyoto spots – Togetsu-Kyō bridge (渡月橋)



And then time to climb up some of the nearby Karasugadake (烏ヶ岳) mountain. I say ‘climb’, it’s actually a pretty chill walk through what happens to be a monkey…zoo? sanctuary? I dunno. Anyway, there were loads of monkeys.

A note on monkeys. I don’t really like monkeys, but it was worth walking through the area to get to this lovely view of Kyoto


and then back down to the river (via a different route)


So after this, I ended up going off on a bit of a wander through all these old streets and temples amongst foresty areas. It was pretty fun, but I didn’t really take any photos, so, sorry!

However I did take some photos of the last temple I stopped off at – known for it’s many many stone statues


Despite Kyoto being a crazy busy tourist city, it’s always nice finding quiet temples a little away from the main streets, and because (as previously mentioned) Kyoto has so many temples, it’s not too hard something!

That’s it for the Arashiyama trip, next time more sightseeing (so probably more temples).

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