(not quite a) Year in Japan

Higashi Honganji Temple (東本願寺) + Kyoto Station

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So as you probably know, Kyoto is famous for it’s temples; a reputation that’s well earned – I think it’s difficult to walk for 5 mins in Kyoto without finding a temple or a shrine.

Case in point: just one of several shrines on this busy shopping street

That said, there are some truly impressive temples in Kyoto, one of them being pretty close to Kyoto station – Higashi Honganji Temple (東本願寺), which does lead to an sharp (purposeful) contrast between the two buildings.


and Kyoto station, which was designed to be ‘ultra-modern’ to be a direct contrast to the general traditional feel to a lot of Kyoto:


I still need to do a little more exploring of the station, because apparently there’s lots of little art ‘pieces’ dotted around the station, but from what I’ve already seen, the industrial design is really cool, and the contrast is impressively effect.

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