(not quite a) Year in Japan

Miscellaneous Food Pics #9

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1. Zunda Mochi (ずんだ餅)


Looks like mushy peas right? Well guess what, it tasted like mushy peas too. Turns out it’s boiled, mashed and sweetened edamame served over mochi, but my god the entire time all I could think of was mushy peas…which would be fine if it wasn’t supposed to be a desert.

2. Toyama Black (富山ブラック)


So Toyama Black is a style of Ramen from, yep Toyama 富山, the ‘black’ coming from a fish based soy sauce that is boiled for hours to give the whole dish a black appearance. Have to say, compared to some other black ramen I’ve had (burnt miso + burnt soy sauce ramen) it was pretty meh…but of course that doesn’t mean it wasn’t tasty – just not as rich a flavor as I was expecting.

A note on where to eat this though, on the…10th? floor of Kyoto station there’s a ‘ramen street’ which has 8 ramen shops, each selling ramen from a different part of Japan. I’d already tried about half of the styles in their respective regions, but it’s a pretty neat idea.

3. Spinach curry with pork katsu and sausages (ほうれん草カレー、ロースカツ、ソーセージ)


Delivery edition! (hence the sink background.)

So wasn’t feeling particularly well today, and after yesterday’s exams I thought I’d eschew talking to people and get some food delivered.

Delivery isn’t quite as common in Japan, but being in a big city (Kyoto) there’s plenty of choice. Curry was great, and it’s one of those foods that is almost always going to be as good as actually going to the restaurant.

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