(not quite a) Year in Japan

Brief update: slight change of plans

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So, just a quick post – my internet is currently absolutely awful…so until I move again or hijack some starbucks internet for a few hours, I won’t be able to upload the remaining Nara photos for a few days…maybe a week or so.

Oh, and also I was going to go to Hiroshima (2nd attempt) but the days of continuous heavy rain led to my bus (and most alternative trains etc.) getting cancelled. So instead of risking life and limb to get to Hiroshima, I decided to play it safe, and am in Kyoto for a few days until things calm down.

In lieu of photos, enjoy this disgustingly non-landscape video (that took me like 10 mins to upload)


3 Replies to “Brief update: slight change of plans”

  1. Hi David, hope you’re well. I’ll be in Japan in early Nov for a week or so, Tokyo then Kyoto I think.

    Where are you/will you be then? Maybe we could meet up for a beer (&/or you could be our local fixer?!?)

    Get back to me with your email address or email me? You can probably guess my address 😉

      1. Ta.
        Think we arrive late on Tues 30th Oct., I’m wandering around Tokyo Weds 31st/Thurs 1st Nov. while Caroline is working, then we’re off to Kyoto on Fri 2nd, back to Tokyo Mon 5th, fly out Tues 6th.
        Any recommendations for places to stay/things to do in Toyko/Kyoto greatly appreciated (+ Shinkansen between).

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