(not quite a) Year in Japan

So as you’ve probably heard, Japan had a huge amount of rain over almost a week at the start of July. As I’ve already mentioned, I got off pretty lightly, just leading to some cancelled travel plans, but the real effect was at the time loads and loads of these

it basically says there is a risk of the river embankment collapsing, please check television and/or radio broadcasts and make preparations as necessary

emergency alerts, which were more than a tad stressful (bear in mind these alerts are also pretty damn loud), luckily I wasn’t near the river, so I was safe, but still.

Anyway, thought I’d make the best of a bleh situation and do some additional sightseeing of Kyoto in the rain. I’ll add headings with place names if I remember them, but for the most part I was just wandering around finding interesting looking places.

Also going to make it a 2-parter, solely for the fact that I don’t think I can load 40+ images at once on my current flaky internet!!










FullSizeRender 23



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