(not quite a) Year in Japan

So between studying for that Japanese language exam and doing some work (which ended up being farming) I wanted to do a little more sightseeing. Decided to visit a few cities that were a stark difference from BIG cities like Kyoto, Tokyo, Osaka etc. and first on the plan was Kanazawa (金沢).

Kenrokuen Park (兼六園)

It’s adjacent to a Kanazawa Castle, and basically serves as a huge “Japanese Garden” – the things that normally pick and choose iconic scenery from locations around Japan and cram them into a small space, except it actually seems to have been cultivated for it’s own feel rather than being a smattering of lots of other places.


Kanazawa Castle (金沢城)

I mean it’s another castle, but rather than the usual turrets and whatnot, it was more spaced out, using the local hilly terrain instead of building something huge. Was really cool, and the photos don’t really do much justice to the size and span.


bit of a wonky panorama, but just had to try and capture the scale


The view from the visitor centre
Another from the (delightfully air-conditioned) visitor centre


Higashi Chaya District (ひがし茶屋街)

‘Chaya’ literally meaning tea shop, a lovely preserved teahouse/old school shopping district in Kanazawa.


So after browsing for a bit got some food at the local izakaya (see the sashimi squid from misc food pics 10), and came back to take some photos with a different, somewhat creepier lighting (well I tried – phone wasn’t helping me out much in that respect)


A cafe that had a place where you could buy an omikuji (a piece of paper that tells you what kind of luck you’ll have) and hang it out in the back. closed, but still kind of cool
creepily-lit shrine (though you couldn’t tell from this photo!)

And finally some photos of the river alongside Higashi Chaya at sunset


this one’s my fave 😀


 and the return of the map! (i’ll try and edit some past posts that I forgot to add it to…you know when I remember to)


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