(not quite a) Year in Japan

Holy shit – 2 posts in 1 day! Clearly I have too much free time (well actually past-David uploaded these photos when he was still in civilization, so that’s why)

Anyway, day 2 in Kanazawa! I’d done all the bits that I really really wanted to (or so i thought), so just had a bit of a wander around a couple of interesting spots.

Myōryū-ji (妙立寺)

Just a quick stop here, one of the more famous temples in the area – known as the ninja shrine for all of its traps and hidden doors and whatnot, unfortunately it was guided tour only (probably because of all the traps and hidden doors), and they were all booked up, so just a few quick snaps of the exterior


Some other temple(?) across the street

Next up, a brief wander around some old-style houses and teahouses (a different district that I can’t remember the name of!)


Omichō Market (近江町市場)

So it hit lunchtime, and a brief wander around the local fish market – with lots of food stalls and whatnot…also lots of crab

That was it, no more photos, don’t know why. Anyway, it was so hot that seafood in an open-air market was very unappetizing. Ended up being Kanazawa-style curry and delicious beer in an air-conditioned restaurant. Wonderful. Seriously though Kanazawa-style curry is my absolute favourite style of Japanese curry.

From here on out I guess I just stopped taking (m)any photos?
Anyway, I went to the museum of modern art, which was pretty cool, popped by a nearby shrine and took these 2 rando photos

lots of “ema (絵馬)” small wooden boards that people write messages of thanks or wishes on


Well I took one of that same bridge again at night.

But after the museum of modern art I was doing some wandering and checking out where to go next, and happened upon this:

Which, approximately 1 person reading this (other than me I guess) will know that I was pretty psyched to see that, so made a beeline for the Isikawa prefectural museum of history.

And even though almost no-one wants to see it (screw-you, this blog is for me!), next post will be “Kanazawa (金沢) pt3 – Evangelion + swords”, aka “David weebs nerds out about a bunch of anime characters yet again”

Although just before that, a brief aside about Kanazawa – it’s actually a really cool city – analogous to Kyoto you’ve got the modern (not really depicted in this blog, sorry!) and the traditional/old sitting really well side-by-side, though they don’t seem to mesh quite as well as Kyoto (and Kyoto is muuuuuch bigger), but it makes for what I imagine is a really nice place to live.

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