(not quite a) Year in Japan

Kanazawa (金沢) pt3 – Evangelion + Swords

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So yeah, as per the last post, happened upon this whilst in Kanazawa

and made that the next thing to do.

The Ishikawa museum of prefectoral history is a lovely old building that I thought I should take at least one photo of, so that those who don’t care about anime or whatever at least have something nice to look at:

(just to clarify, this museum had lots of cool stuff about the history of the city, and how it was developed…which I gave about 10 mins to.)

And we’re in


So the exhibition was centred around the insanely popular anime series that aired a little over 20 years ago: ‘Neon Genesis: Evangelion’ and consisted of a bunch of original Evangelion sketches, prints, some work in progress stuff from a movie that’s going to come out someday, and a brief history of the Evangelion craze in Japan (which I actually sat there for like 10 minutes and read all of it – slow because you know, it was in Japanese and all).


But the main attraction was basically a bunch of swords that were created (for realises) based on the insanely popular anime series ‘Evangelion’. Some that were swords/weapons used in the show, and others that were inspired by characters or whatnot.

(also apologies for the slightly skewed photos – I didn’t think they would come out too well being behind glass and all, so I didn’t spend too much effort in squaring them up)


Overall supremely fun (for me at least), for once I actually lucked into being in the right place/right time for one of these things without planning in advance. Yay.


Anyway, regular programming will resume next time.

(and yes, I realise the contradiction in my complaining about not having free time or decent internet, and then posting 3 posts in 2 days)

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