(not quite a) Year in Japan

1. Beef tendon curry (牛すじカレー)

Curry once again features in the misc food pics, because…it’s great, this curry however was absolutely gorgeous – not my favourite in terms of base curry flavour, but it was impeccably spiced, slightly sweet without being gross (and not containing raisins, god that shit is disgusting). Plus a huuuuge portion, which was great after a day sweating to death in Takayama.

2. Rabbit ice-cream (うさぎソフト)

Don’t worry, doesn’t contain any rabbits, it’s just an ice cream with a rice/wafery thing of the local mascot/character of Kawaguchiko – a rabbit that is basically just a pain the arse from what I read.

3. Houtou noodles (ほうとう)

“Are you going to climb a mountain? Eat this huge bowl of crazily thick noodles and you’ll have energy for hours.” Is basically the gist of this meal – doesn’t taste too bad, but really it’s all about huge portions.
Story time: So whilst at this restaurant there was an american couple sitting at the next table, and they were talking about buying some t-shirts from the restaurant (it was obvs. very touristy) for their (adult) kids. They weren’t sure of which size to get, but the shirt that one of the waiters was wearing seemed about right. So they tried to ask the waiter what size t-shirt he was wearing (without using Japanese), and they weren’t really getting anywhere, so the wife said “Oh I’ll just go up and check the tag on his t-shirt”.
Immediately I thought “Noooo! Why would you do that!!?! How would you like it if some random foreigner came up to you and started fiddling with your t-shirt”, so I used my crappy Japanese to tell the dude what they wanted to know and that was that.
So apprently the moral of the story is that all it takes for me to talk to other people, is to avoid a tremendous amount of second-hand embarassment. Good to know I guess.

4. Umeboshi Chūhai (梅干し酎ハイ) aka one of the worst drinks I’ve ever tasted

So like, umeboshi is pickled plum, it’s known for being sour (しょっぱい) and not to many foreigner’s tastes. I find it kinda ok, it’s nice on a hot day in onigiri, but aside from that not great. In this drink, the combination of umeboshi and alcohol was just absolutely repugnant.

And of course, before you ask, I finished it (shit, not letting decent alcohol go to waste).

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