(not quite a) Year in Japan

Sticking with the theme of something a little different from the usual cities, the next stop was Takayama (高山)


Got the bus from Kanazawa (金沢) as a) it was cheap and b) the main trainline into Takayama was not running due to the recent heavy rain.

quick panorama at the rest stop

Anyway, after arriving headed north through some lovely scenery (and of course more bridges)

and arrived at the festival float museum (I was about a month and a half too early for the festival itself)

Then on to browse an absolutely gorgeous nearby shrine

Don’t touch the stone or you’ll go mad…it was tempting, but I didn’t touch it


Similar to Kanazawa, there’s a lot of old preserved streets and buildings – the preserved streets often being full of tea houses, and places selling loads of local delicacies and trinkets and whatnot

Unfortunately, I tend to find this stuff a little repetitive – there’s only so many of these shops I can browse before getting seriously bored, so after a spot of lunch at a really chill ramen place (think ‘old man pub’, but they serve ramen rather than beer), and a little more idling about, I hopped on a bus and headed to Hida preserved village – an area just outside of town that is literally an entire village kept to resemble a typical non-town/city village from a couple hundred years ago.

For which…I’ll probably save the rest of the photos for another post, and make this a 2-parter, lest this one gets impossible to publish. In the meantime enjoy this photo that made me chuckle because I’m a child apparently

yes, I know that it means nobleman. I don’t care.


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