(not quite a) Year in Japan

Random anime guff + some night pics from Akihabara (秋葉原) + Ikebukuro (池袋)

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I created this post when I went to Tokyo back in…April? But I didn’t make it public because no-one really wants to see this kind of stuff other than me.

But I then I posted the Evangelion stuff from Kanazawa and thought “meh, why not”.

So here’s a bunch of photos taken from Akihabara (in Tokyo) back in April, and a few from Ikebukuro (also in Tokyo) taken a week or so ago in the middle of July.

Akihabara (秋葉原)

the classic ‘electric town exit’ view
no idea what any of these characters are, and the writing is mostly in chinese


because why not have a life-sized girl with some sort of mecha-suit in your shop window?
every time I walked by this shop I almost ended up buying some old snes games or something, then realised I really didn’t want to have to buy a snes and lug that around with me too


“High School Fleet”. I guess they want to create another “Kancolle”? But this time, the girls aren’t actually ships? No idea.

Ikebukuro (池袋)

Stumbled upon some sort of mini summer matsuri (festival) in the middle of Ikebukuro, complete with food stalls and everything


I can assure you this arcade was very well air-conditioned, but what’s on that screen?


So yeah, aside from the anime guff, no real theme to this post, essentially just a bit of housekeeping and a place to store these images.

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