(not quite a) Year in Japan

So, Hida folk village (飛騨の里) is a preserved village.
Well I say ‘preserved’ village, the houses were built during the Edo period (1603-1867), and were actually relocated from their original locations to create what is essentially an open-air museum.
I went relatively late in the afternoon, so it was really quiet (literally 2 buses of primary school kids were leaving just as I arrived…thank god).

The fact it was so quiet led to it being kinda creep at times, so I’ve included a couple of videos too, to try and reflect that.




It was pretty hot out, so after walking around for almost 2 hours I headed to grab a drink at a rest area, and they had a machine where you could stamp a coin or something with your own message.
I totally forgot to actually do this because I was captivated by the fact that it looked like it was running on an old Commodore 64 or something, just look at those graphics!

Anyway, headed back to town noticed in one of the shop windows near the bus station there was a couple of posters for anime that were set in Takayama – I always find it neat when small(er) town and cities are like “OMG we were in an Anime”.

Got to my accomodation which was a gorgeous tatami room, with doors that opened onto a small stream (no photos, because the residents of the adjacent house were in the garden having dinner, so I didn’t want to disturb them). Popped out and took a few night time photos around the area

And that was it for Takayama (technically – i did come back the next day, but only to sleep and leave the following day).

When my plans changed due to the torrential rain, I gained a day (not doing an overnight bus from Hiroshima back to Kyoto), and honestly, I’m really glad that I chose (admittedly, somewhat blindly) to spend 2 days in Kanazawa rather then Takayama.

There really isn’t enough for 2 days unless you want to rent a car and do some exploring of the neighbouring areas, and Kanazawa is just so much cooler (in my opinion of course).

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