(not quite a) Year in Japan

One of the reasons I opted for Kanazawa (金沢) and Takayama (高山) instead of…well, anywhere else was the really good transport links to other fun stuff, like Kamikōchi (上高地).

It’s basically just a huge area in/amongst the mountains with loads of camping and hiking spots – though due to time and (lack of) desire to climb a mountain in crazy hot temperatures, I opted for the easy hiking trails.

Bus change at a nearby onsen

So one of the main attractions of the southern area of Kamikōchi is this big-ass lake Taishō Pond(大正池), known for it’s reflection of the mountains in clear water.

unfortunately it was a pretty cloudy day, so the glorious mountain view with the lake was obscured
but the water was absolute luscious


A little down the way through some vaguely swamp-y areas


there was a smaller lake

based on the name it was a (smaller than previous) lake, but it was flowing…so no?


So, a little further down the route and

spoilers: I didn’t get eaten by a bear

Anyway, a little further down the trail…

and we get to the River Azusa (梓川) that these hiking trails run alongside.


And then Kappa Bridge (河童橋)

Thus ends trail #1, off further up the river for trail #2

Which ends with…you guessed it, another bridge!

And now trail #3 back south to Kappa Bridge…for which I guess I didn’t take any photos…huh.

aaand we’re done – back at the visitor centre

Really fun day, a bit cloudy, but still absolute gorgeous, if I was more of an outdoors-y person I would totally have camped here and tried some more adventurous trails…but yeah. That ain’t me.



As you can see, relatively close to Takayama – I guess if there’s one thing Takayama is good for, it’s getting out of Takayama (sorry Takayama).

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