(not quite a) Year in Japan

Lake Kawaguchi (河口湖)

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One of Mt Fuji (富士山)’s 5 great lakes.
Before you get excited (lol as if) at the thought of some neat Mt Fuji pics

It was very cloudy, so I couldn’t see the summit 😦
Which would’ve left me a bit miffed, but I wasn’t coming here out of my way so to speak – it was a bus from Takayama(高山) to Shinjuku(新宿), Tokyo, that I opted to stop over at Kawaguchiko for a few hours. (Still a bit miffed though)

Also, on the topic of Mt Fuji, I opted to not even try and climb it (this year at least) – mostly due to the sheer expense of travel, equipment hire, lodging etc.. I’ll try and make it a thing to do in the future (honest!)

Anyway due to the time restriction I only really got a few things done:
A look at Mt Fuji from the other side of the lake

The ropeway for some nice pics of the lake, and surrounding mountains (it’s not just Fuji!!)
Amusingly they had a camera and laptop set up so that you could “get a photo that looks like it isn’t cloudy”, where for something like ¥1000 (~£7) they’d photoshop you into a non-cloudy Mt Fuji backdrop. I opted not to, and bought an ice-cream instead. I think I chose well.

A cruise on the lake


and that was it. Not much to say really, it’s a really cool huge lake, with lots of tourist-trap shops and whatnot as you’d expect.


But wait!! Just when all hope was lost.

Yeah, a hurriedly-taken photo from a inside a bus doesn’t exactly make for a ‘nice’ photo, but I don’t care 😛

On an unrelated note, this was the last of the sightseeing posts that I was catching up on, so everything after this will be fresh new content.

Bear in mind I currently live in the middle of nowhere. The content may be a little dull.

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